Sep 29

Literary Exhibitionism

 Literary Exhibitionism

Okay, I know I haven’t been very chatty lately. I’ve been busy doing things like writing, house-hunting and…oh yeah, getting married!!! I promise I’ll write more about that in the near future. But what brought me back today is friend and fellow New York Times bestselling author (still love saying that) Alina Adams. She’s launched a really interesting writing project that seems to be part exhibitionism, part performance art and part lunacy.  You see she’s writing a romance novel filled with drama, secrets, double-crosses, revenge, scheming, schemers and sex. So far this is my kind of book. Note I did not say it sounds like it’s going to be my kind of book. I said so far it is my kind of book. I can say that definitively because I’ve read part of it. And no, she didn’t send me the first few chapters. She didn’t have to because she’s writing it online, as in anyone who clicks this link can actually see her while she’s typing this thing. We can see her typos, we can see her delete, we can see her going back and rewriting sections or taking out entire passages all together. We can even give her advice in regards to what we think she should be writing and what’s good and bad about the sentence she’s writing as she’s writing it.

Personally I’d rather play Twister with Attila the Hun on a bed of hot coals than invite the world to judge me as I struggle through sentence after sentence.  Therefore when I found out Alina was doing this I had to know what on earth was going through her head.  That burning question lead to this interview. Hope you find it as interesting as I do!:

alina adams

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Jul 19

How I Found THE Dress For My Non-Traditional Wedding

Haven’t written in a  while…well, I’ve written, I just haven’t blogged. I’ve been busy finishing up DANGEROUS ALLIANCE (the sequel to DECEPTIVE INNOCENCE) and outlining what will be a JUST ONE NIGHT tie in book (now tentatively titled JUST ONE LIE).  Robert and Kasie will be in that one but they won’t be the main characters. That said, I will be writing a Robert and Kasie short story for the spring.

I’ve also been planning my wedding. I use the word “planning” very loosely because we’re not having a big event. We’re having a very small, private ceremony with just our immediate family in attendance.  Afterwards we’re having a few friends over to the house to celebrate with us. So again, it’s all very intimate and kick-back…

…except, for some reason, even the most casual weddings in the world aren’t that kickback. There are still things that need to be done. The rings, the legal stuff, even finding a decent evite can be time consuming. And then there’s the dress…

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Jun 07

YA & Romance Have True Value

One thing you who had a secure or happy childhood should understand about those of us who did not, we who control our feelings, who avoid conflicts at all costs or seem to seek them, who are hypersensitive, self-critical, compulsive, workaholic, and above all survivors, we’re not that way from perversity. And we cannot just relax and let it go. We’ve learned to cope in ways you never had to.
People talk-they sneer at escapism. Well, there are those of us who need it.
–Piers Anthony, sci-fi and fantasy author
Recently Ruth Graham wrote an article (featured in Slate magazine) that was titled: AGAINST YA. It’s subtitled: Adults should read what they want. But you should feel embarrassed if what you’re reading was written for children. Not long before that William Giraldi took on romance novels in the New Republic chastising women for reading them. Specifically he took on FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, but out of apparent concern that readers might be tempted to mistake his article as legitimate criticism of one book, he clarifies his position by stating that, “romance novels, like racists, tend to be the same wherever you turn.”
YA & Romance Have True Value

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Mar 04

The Structure Of Erotica

In 2012, an editor at Simon &Schuster asked if I was interested in writing erotic fiction and in response I wrote up a proposal/synopsis for a full length book about what happens to one woman when she breaks all the rules she’s been a slave to for one alluring and irresistibly mysterious man she meets in Vegas. Of course that one woman is Kasie, her mystery man is Mr. Dade and the book is JUST ONE NIGHT.

That proposal marked the beginning of what would end up being a rather long negotiation process. By the time all was said and done I had won terms that I felt were fair in exchange for agreeing to split JUST ONE NIGHT into three novellas (the first two with cliff-hanger endings) that would be released as ebooks.  At the time I was completely unfamiliar with the ebook-novella-series format that was rising in popularity. But when I looked at my synopsis I realized that my story lent itself to being broken up that way. In some ways segmenting the story helped me get a better handle on the very specific emotional transitions Kasie experiences. Plus by being pushed to come up with two cliff-hanger endings I had to really think about and fully develop the events that led to those transitions and eventually to Kasie and Mr. Dade’s personal growth.

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Feb 05

What Is…

romanceGoogle Play has a Love Is In The Air promotion going on in which different romance authors share their favorite romantic movies, books and apps with you. I participated and even recorded a Dear [Me] video for them in which I talked about my first kiss and another video in which I chatted with HELL ON WHEELS star, Anson Mount about my latest romantic (and erotic) suspense novel, DECEPTIVE INNOCENCE

All of this has got me thinking a lot about romance. I mean, what exactly is romance? Not just its trappings, but what is it at its core?

Admittedly, the movies and music that touch my heart are a little offbeat. LOVE ACTUALLY is a sweet film but I have a special place in my heart for HAROLD AND MAUDE, a 70s flick about a young man morbidly fascinated with death (to the point of frequently staging his own suicide) who ends up falling in love with a 79 year old woman who spends each day celebrating life. It’s a dark comedy and more than a little far fetched, and yet it really stayed with me. Until recently I never stopped to think about why. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 01

The Perfect Way to Ring In 2014


poolAs I write this I’m sitting outside on my patio, soaking in the Southern California sunshine with a mimosa, trying to recover from last night’s party. If there’s a stereotype about how people are supposed to observe New Year’s Day in LA this has got to be it (all I’m missing is a pool and a drug addiction).

And I really couldn’t be happier. When I decided to invite some people over for a New Year’s Eve “Spirited Potluck” (everyone was asked to bring an alcohol themed dish…bourbon balls, salad with champagne vinaigrette, I made pasta with vodka sauce and chicken with a white wine sauce, you get the idea)  I figured that most of my friends would have big plans on New Years or be out of town and that if I invited thirty of them ten might show up.

I was totally wrong. I ended up inviting 35 people and thirty showed up. But although I had a brief moment of concern when the last-minute “Yes”-RSVPs starting rolling in (do we have enough plates? Glasses? Chairs?) I am so glad so many were able to come. For me, their presence made my party everything I hoped it could be: the best party of the year.

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