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Hit And Run Blog

I have no time so I’ll make this breif: Have you heard of The Daily Buzz? It’s a nationally syndicated show that can be seen on more than 100 WB stations. Watch it/tape it tomorrow. Not allowed to say more. Kyra Daviswww.kyradavis.comSex, Murder And A Double Latte IN STORES NOW!!!For The Love Of A Dog–A…

The Kid is Quick

I have been so incredibly busy and distracted lately. This morning my son asked for cereal for breakfast. I went to the counter and poured some Mini-Wheats in a bowl but before I had a chance to get the milk my publicist called. After going over some business with her I went to the computer…


Have you ever heard of Z!NK magazine? It’s may very well be the hippest publication on earth and I’m not using the word ‘hip’ casually. If you check out their website you’ll understand what I mean. Anyway they reviewed my book in their May issue and it is a rave!!! Usually there’s one good quote…