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Any Of You In LA?

On Sunday the 24th I will be doing my very first book signing at the LA Times Festival Of Books! It’s being held at UCLA and I’ll be there at 12 at Borders/ Brentano’s booth # 201 located on the far west side of Dickson Plaza, in front of Powell Library. I’m very excited about…

My Hero

I called a friend of mine to tell him about Sex, Murder And A Double Latte being in Cosmo and Elle and how exciting it is to see it selling on the Barnes & Noble website. I expected a congratulations and a verbal pat on the back. Instead he paused and said, “Kyra, no one…

It’s Here!

It seems I have gone into premature labor. I went on Barnes & Noble’s website today and discovered that they have just started selling Sex, Murder And A Double Latte online. I don’t mean you can preorder it, I mean you can buy it and have it shipped overnight. I’m assuming that if Barnes &…